Shower Remodel – Pros of a Curbless Shower

Mar 31 2022

Do you plan to install a curbless shower in your bathroom? It is quite a popular option among people who have smaller bathrooms, and there are numerous benefits that you can get out of a curbless shower. For example, a walk-in shower is flexible, offers easy accessibility, and is easy to clean. However, there are some drawbacks in these custom showers as well. Continue to read and we will share the pros associated with curbless showers.

Pros of Curbless showers

To start, the list of pros should help you realize the benefits associated with curbless showers and decide on whether you should invest in one.

They provide easy accessibility

One of the key benefits that you can get out of a curbless shower is that it can offer easy accessibility. Showering in a bathtub would not offer the most convenient experience to you, as it can offer an inconvenient experience to anyone who has mobility issues. For example, if you have senior parents, they will have to deal with the risk of falling in the bathroom as well, which is just one aspect where a curbless shower can help you. There is no edge or ledge for you to step over when you are getting into the curbless shower, and even if you are after an injury, you can easily access the shower.

They provide an open feeling

Another great thing about curbless showers is that they can provide you with an open feeling. If you have a smaller space in the bathroom, a curbless shower is space efficient and you will love the additional open space it will provide. You can think about getting a glass tile curbless shower which instantly opens up your room and helps you with making it look large. This can surely assist you to boost your mood, and it can provide a relaxing experience to you after a long day at work as well.

You can easily clean

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the overwhelming jobs that you have to do, so if you don’t want to go through that cumbersome process, you should consider curbless showers. That’s because the process of cleaning a curbless shower is quite easy, and you will not have to go through a challenging experience.

Ceramic tiles are quite resistant to mold and bacteria which assists in the ease of cleaning a walk-in shower. The grout would properly seal your shower as well, so you can make sure that there is no space for bacteria to thrive.

One of the biggest challenges that you have to face when cleaning a shower would be to learn how to deal with the buildup of soap scum. This can be challenging to deal with, especially in an environment where there is high moisture. You can use a shower cleaner and complete the cleaning job efficiently, and make sure that there is no space for mildew and mold to hide as well.

You don’t need to get a sliding shower door

Due to the way a walk-in shower is designed, there is no need for you to get a sliding shower door. Sliding shower doors are not the safest option available to consider as they can be hazardous to aging adults and young children. For example, your child might pinch his or her chair in the sliding door.

Having a sliding door can also make it challenging for you to clean because you will have to deal with cleaning the buildup, which accumulates within the rails of your shower door. Even though the curbless showers come along with doors, they are not quite similar to the traditional doors. Hence, you will not have to worry about encountering any of the problems we mentioned above.

Curbless showers are highly functional

Another great thing about curbless shower designs is that they tend to be highly functional. If you want to enhance the overall functionality of your bathroom as well as your home, you may think about the idea of going forward with a curbless shower.

Nobody will have to spend any extra effort to access the curbless shower. It can provide a hassle-free showering experience which is what the homeowners prefer to have as well.

There are multiple methods available to further enhance the functionality of your curbless shower. For example, you might come across the need to create a spa-like experience within your shower. A curbless shower can assist you with that, and all you need to purchase is a shower bench. The design of a curbless shower will make sure that you can easily accommodate a bench without encountering any major struggles.

If you don’t have a lot of space in the bathroom, you may also think about installing shelves in the curbless shower. All you have to do is develop an idea of the positioning and design the custom shelves. Then you can keep all your toiletries on them and stay away from storage limitations.

If there is a need for you to install heated floors to the shower, curbless showers can assist you with this as well. The options available for you to customize the curbless shower are endless, so you will be able to design and customize them to your content.

You can display your tiles

You have the freedom to be creative with tiles that you choose to install, and a curbless shower will aid in displaying them and highlighting their aesthetical beauty. When you are showering in the curbless shower, you are provided with an enjoyable experience with the different shapes, colors, and textures which will help you in creating a shower that matches with your personal style in the long run.

you are in the bathroom, you can simply lock the door, and you will get the privacy that you want.

If you decide to go ahead with the idea of getting a curbless shower, make sure that you always seek the assistance of professionals. You should also buy the highest quality materials to complement your shower.

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