Modern Shower Design Transformation – 7 Powerful Elements

Mar 1 2022

Do you wish to transform your shower to a modernized one? Then you will need to pay special attention to multiple factors. Going through a shower project to get a modern shower design can be worth it when compared to the benefits that you will get. However, coming up with the perfect plan to transform your shower to a modernized one can be overwhelming. That’s because there are different options available out there to consider:

  1. Transforming your bathtub into a shower
  2. Tiled shower bases
  3. Getting a waterproof membrane installed
  4. Getting a shower niche
  5. Hand shower
  6. Going for a curbless shower
  7. Using the best fixture finishes

Transforming your bathtub into a shower

Bathtubs are outdated. If you have a one in your bathroom, it is the high time to think about replacing it with a walk-in shower. Then you will be able to enhance the modernized look and feel of your bathroom with ease.

10 years ago, bathtubs were quite common in the bathrooms. However, people are not feeling the importance of having a bathtub in the bathroom anymore. That’s mainly because people in today’s world are looking for smaller living spaces. There is no space to accommodate a bathtub in a smaller living space. Hence, bathtubs are not a factor that people consider at the time of getting a home.

There are some innovative walk-in shower designs available for you to consider and get to your bathroom. You just need to go through those different design options and pick the best one out of them. The walk-in shower can function better than a bathtub as well. For example, it can offer a relaxed bathing experience in today’s fast paced environment. You should not just waste money to keep the bathtub. You can think about getting rid of unnecessary luxury to enhance the modern look of your bathtub.

Tiled shower bases

People in today’s world prefer to have a combination of luxury and comfort. This is where you can think about going ahead with tiled shower bases. You will be able to create a spa-like experience within your shower with the assistance of your tiled shower base.

There is no need to spend a fortune to get tiled shower bases. If you are looking for a way to improve modernized appearance of your bathroom with a tight budget, you may think about going ahead with this. By selecting the right type of tiles, you can easily create a trendy and modernized shower design. You should also make sure to use the tiles in a creative way to get your work done.

Most homeowners out there in the world are following this trend to enhance the modern appearance of their bathrooms. That’s because this is a hassle-free method of getting desired results. There are some low-cost tile options available to save a considerable amount of money as well.

Getting a waterproof membrane installed

At the time of getting a walk-in shower, you should also think about installing a waterproof membrane in your bathroom. Then you will be able to make your shower beautiful and functional. You will be able to tile the walls as well as floor of your shower to get the job done. This will also help you with creating a modern, seamless, and a spa-like experience in your bathroom.

Getting wall and floor tiles can assist you with enhancing the overall look and feel of your shower dramatically. On the other hand, it will help you to overcome some of the biggest challenges that you have to face as well. For example, if you had to deal with the waterproofing problems in the lower section or base of your shower, you should think about getting tiles installed. Then you will not just be able to prevent problems caused by water but can also stay away from issues rot and mold.

Getting a shower niche

The demand for shower niches is increasing along with time as well. In fact, this is one of the biggest trends that we can see in shower modernization in the recent past. You can call a shower niche as a simple recess in the shower wall, so that you can store all your personal cleaning products and other related tools. For example, you can think about using this space to keep your shampoo bottles and trimmers.

You have the freedom to customize your shower niche. On top of that, you can also pre-finish the shower niche or tile it. There are some ready-to-install shower niche options available out there to consider as well. When you have a dedicated place to store all your belongings, you can make sure that your bathroom doesn’t get messed up with different items lying here and there.

Another great reason to get a shower niche is that you will be able to install a waterproofing membrane along with the project. This is a cost-effective method available to get the waterproof membrane installed. In fact, installation of a waterproofing membrane is something that we highly recommend to all people who proceed with getting a shower niche. It will help you to overcome problems caused by mold and rot.

Hand shower

Getting a shower bar or a hand shower can also be a great idea to create a modern shower design. This is where you can think about getting a vertical bar to the shower, which is mounted to the valve on the side of the shower. You can attach the hand shower to that valve.

One of the best things about getting a hand shower is that it can enhance overall flexibility of your shower. On top of that, you will be able to use the hand shower to get a thorough rinse as well. You have the freedom to adjust the hand shower wand as per your preferences. This will eventually help you to secure getting a comfortable showering experience.

Going for a curbless shower

Barrier free showers or curbless showers are quite popular among people as well. If you take a look at the hottest shower design trends, you will notice how this trend is holding a prominent place. This trend started gaining a lot of attention along with the introduction of roll-in shower concept. If you are a person with limited mobility, you will appreciate the overall assistance that a curbless shower that can offer. On top of that, a curbless shower can assist you with getting a minimalist bathroom as well.

We can also see how the concept of wet room is gaining more attention in European countries out there. This concept is gaining attention because the sizes of bathrooms are quite smaller when compared to the bathrooms that you can find in North America. Due to the same reason, there is no need to create a shower curb, as it creates a tripling hazard.

If you want to end up with creating a high-end bathroom in your house., you will need to go ahead with the curbless shower style. There are multiple design variations available out there to consider. This can be expensive, but you will fall in love with the results. In fact, a curbless shower will help you with creating a bold statement at the end of the day.

Using the best fixture finishes

Last but not least, we encourage you to go ahead with the best fixture finishes that you can possibly get. High-end fixture finishes were quite popular during 1970s. At the time of getting high end fixture finishes, you will have multiple options to consider as well. Out of them, chrome holds a prominent place. Along with chrome, you can get finishes made out of brushed nickel or brushed stainless steel.

If you want to go ahead with a trendier option, we encourage you to take a look at matte black, matte nickel, or matte chrome. These are some of the newer finishes, where you can get some great finishing options. in case if you are interested in making a bolder statement, you may think about going ahead with black fixture finishes. As per the current trends, we will be able to see it as the next big thing.

Some people are interested in getting different and diverse finishes as well. These can help you with getting a modern shower and a bathroom design based on your preferences. This is where you should proceed with options such as matte white, rose gold, and even classic finishes such as brass and copper. Finishing options such as oil rubbed bronze and brass are available to make the bathrooms offer a classic finishing scheme as well.

Final words

These are the best options we can recommend to anyone who wishes to get a modern bathroom. You will be able to enhance the good looks of your bathroom while making it more efficient with the help of these options. On top of everything, these options can assist you with creating a more luxurious and a comfortable experience in your bathroom.

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