Shower Bench Installation Guide

Jun 16 2022

How to Install HYDRO-BLOK Shower Bench

Before Installing your HYDRO-BLOK Shower System

Perform a final floor and wall measurement check to ensure all walls are square and make any adjustments required BEFORE installing your HYDRO-BLOK shower system.

Installing HYDRO-BLOK Shower Benches

This installation guide can be used for both HYDRO-BLOK Suspended Benches and HYDRO-BLOK Diamond Benches. Differences in installation will be noted where required.

Each side support must to aached to the stud wall or similar support using HYDRO-BLOK screws & washers at two locations at least 8″ apart. The innermost location must be at least 3″ from the shower corner. Add additional wood support if required before installing HYDRO-BLOK wallboard.

Installation Tools and Materials Required

• #2 Robertson (square) screwdriver drill bit
• Corner Puy Knife (supplied with HYDRO-BLOK Shower Pans)
• Fine Point Marker
• Level
• Tape Measure
• 12″ to 16″ Level
• Cleaning supplies (we recommend paper towels, citrus wipes, rags, dust pan and brush)

IMPORTANT: : Please read all related installation guides before installing your HYDRO-BLOK Shower System! Contact your local dealer if you have any questions regarding the installation process.

Step 1: Positioning the Shower Bench

Decide on a suitable corner in your shower for your shower bench to be installed, ensuring it will not interfere with a proper standing position based on your shower head placement. Mark the positions of the two studs which are closest to the corner on both walls (e.g. a corner stud and another stud 16″ OC from the corner stud)

showerbranch 1
Mark a line from one edge to the corner and then from the other edge to the corner.
showerbranch 2
showerbranch 3
showerbranch 4
showerbranch 5
shower branch 6
shower branch 7
shower branch 8
shower branch 9
shower branch 9
shower branch 11

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