Large Diamond Bench


Looking to add a corner seat or bench to your shower? Look no further than our line of HYDRO-BLOK Shower Seats to fit your all your needs. Every one of our corner seats are built from one piece of 100% waterproof XPS foam and then covered in fibreglass mesh and a modified cement coating ready for your tile or stone. All our benches come with the necessary hardware and installation instructions for a perfect fit every time. Available in two different styles and four different sizes, one of these benches or maybe even two, will surely be at home in your shower.

Our HYDRO-BLOK Large Diamond Bench features a 31″ seat width, providing a 7″ wider seating area and 70% more surface area than our Medium Diamond Bench. This unique design does not take away any floor space of your shower, yet provides a solid and aesthetically pleasing corner seat. Installation is quick and simple, and is ready for tile or stone when you are.

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HBDBL Technical Drawing