72″ x 48″ THIN Single Slope Shower Pans


72″ x 48″ THIN Single Slope Shower Pans

HYDRO-BLOK Single Slope shower pans together with the Ebbe INNI® Linear Drain for HYDRO-BLOK are your flush entry shower solution. The freedom to use any size of tile or stone on your shower pan allows for unique and creative designs and with no metal drain cover on the shower floor, your shower has the look and feel of luxury and elegance.

The Ebbe INNI® Linear Drain can be placed anywhere in a shower as it is easily customized to fit any shower space or size for either residential or commercial installations.

All HYDRO-BLOK shower pans feature high quality construction with a 100% waterproof XPS foam core, covered by fibreglass mesh for added strength, and then coated in a modified cement surface for setting your choice of tile, stone, glass or mosaics on.  Make sure you pick up our HYDRO-BLOK Joint Sealant for the gluing of all seams and joints. Add any of our custom accessories to bring that added personal touch to your shower.

HYDRO-BLOK THIN Single Slope Shower Pans offer a flush entry shower solution with:

  • limited subfloor reconstruction work needed.
  • no floor joist re-structure needed.
  • savings in time, cost and re-construction effort needed.
  • no special engineering and structure changes needed.

For tile size 2” x 2” or smaller, we recommend using a higher compression grout such as epoxy or urethane for additional strength.

All HYDRO-BLOK Shower Pans include all the hardware you need for installation;
– Single Slope Shower Pan
– 2″ Mesh Tape
– Straight and Corner Putty Knives
– Full Installation Instructions

Available THIN Single Slope Shower Pans Sizes:


Additional information

Available Sizes

36" x 60", 60" x 36", 48" x 72", 72" x 48"

Technical Drawings

HBTSSSP7248 Technical Drawing Package (All Sizes)

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Single Slope Shower Pan Installation Guide
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