32″ x 16″ Recessed Double Wide Niche


Need room for shampoos, conditioners and soaps? Our full line of HYDRO-BLOK shower niches are what you need. With a wide range of sizes and styles, we have one or maybe two that will fit your dream shower design. All of our recessed niches are constructed from a single piece of 100% waterproof XPS foam and then covered in fibreglass mesh and coated in a modified cement coating. This high quality construction means these niches are built to last with no leaks. Cover them with your favourite tile or stone and they will look great and be a handy addition to your shower. Our HYDRO-BLOK Shower Niches do not require any modifications to your 16″ OC wall studs, making installation quick and simple.

Need a bit more space? Choose our 32″ x 16″ double wide niche for your new shower. This niche will provide you with plenty of space for bottles, soaps and any other accessories you may have. Because of its convenient size, this niche can be placed horizontally across two 16″ OC wall stud spaces, or vertically in one 16″ OC wall stud spacing. This larger niche installs as easy as any of our smaller niches.


HBRDWSN3216 Technical Drawing

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