HYDRO-BLOK Commercial Projects

HYDRO-BLOK products have being used in many commercial and residential construction projects around North America. HYDRO-BLOK’s quick and easy customization & installation, wide selection of products, and cost savings make it the perfect choice for your next multi-unit project. Please contact our corporate head office or your local distributor for more information on specifying HYDRO-BLOK projects in your next project or bid. HYDRO-BLOK products are ICC-ES certified.

Vista Condominiums, Portland OR

Selected Commercial Projects

Project Description Completion Date HYDRO-BLOK Products Used Installer, Contractor, or Designer
Vista Condominiums, Portland OR HYDRO-BLOK Shower System used in all 180 master suite bathrooms to create a clean contemporary spa shower enclosure. 11/01/2018 HYDRO-BLOK single slope shower pans with linear drains. Installed by Floor Factors, Contracted by Hoyt Realty Group
El Cortez Hotel, Las Vegas 58 hotel rooms renovated with HYDRO-BLOK showers. Tied into backer board with liquid waterproof membrane 09/28/2018 36″x72″ offset drain shower pan, 5 ft shower curb ISI, Las Vegas
Carte Hotel, San Diego New hotel construction in downtown San Diego – 215 rooms with HYDRO-BLOK Showers. 02/08/2019 3×5 single slope shower pan, linear drain, 1/2″ wallboard, shower curb Megatile, Irvine, CA.
Andaz Hotel, West Hollywood, CA Renovated 20 guest rooms with full HYDRO-BLOK shower system 01/27/2017 3×5 single slope shower pan, linear drain, 1/2″ wallboard, shower curb CHR Builders, Los Angeles, CA
Laguna Hills Lodge Renovation Bathroom renovation, converting existing tubs to walk-in showers. 20 units 04/14/2017 5×3 single slope shower pan, linear drain, 1/2″ wallboard, shower curb Thadius Daniels
Hotel Project Converted tubs to showers on 20 units of existing hotel 11/24/2017 3×6 offset drain shower pan, 1/2″ wallboard, shower curb Greg Westerfield
UTC Tower Condos New construction condominiums in San Diego 03/15/2019 4×6 shower pan, 1/2′ wallboard, shower curb Wirtz Tile, San Diego, CA
Seacrest Assisted Living Project Ongoing renovation of existing facility in San Diego. Renovation of 400 showers with some tub conversions 05/22/2020 3×5 shower pans, 1/2″ wallboard, shower curbs Wirtz Tile, San Diego, CA
Bellford apartments New construction condo building – 60 units 03/22/2019 Linear Drain, 5×3 single slope shower pan, 4×4 center-drain pan, 1/2″ wallboard, 1/4″ wallboard MT Tile. Tarzana, CA
Medical Renovation Project Renovation of existing office building, converted to medical facility – 76 showers 04/26/2019 Various sizes of HYDRO-BLOK shower pans: 4×6, 3×6, 6×6, shower ramps, shower curb Shawn Amrine – Caprino Stone