Have a question about HYDRO-BLOK that we don’t answer below? Contact us or one of our dealers and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Why should I choose HYDRO-BLOK for my new shower?

HYDRO-BLOK products were created to provide our customers with a fast and cost effective way to build a complete shower system ready for tile or stone much quicker than traditional methods. It is easy to install for both DIY-ers and contractors. If you want to get away from the look of a one piece shower or something similar, then HYDRO-BLOK is your best choice to build and finish a shower. With our extensive line of accessories, you can complete your shower the way you like.
How can I purchase HYDRO-BLOK products - I can't find any dealers?

HYDRO-BLOK products will be launching in select North American markets in early 2015 with wider availability shortly afterwards. We will be launching our North American dealer network soon. In the meantime, please contact us and we can help you find a source for the HYDRO-BLOK product line as it becomes available.
Where is HYDRO-BLOK made?

HYDRO-BLOK is made in China. Our manufacturing facility was built brand new from the ground up with all new technology and assembly equipment to make sure our products are made to the highest standards and qualities.
What is HYDRO-BLOK made from?

HYDRO-BLOK’s main component is its closed cell extruded polystyrene foam core which is 100% waterproof and lightweight. It is strong with a very high compression rate and density. It is made from HCFC and CFC free ingredients and is environmentally friendly. The foam core is covered with a polymer modified cement coating and fibreglass mesh to provide rigidity and a bonding surface for your tile or stone.
How much weight can HYDRO-BLOK products support?

Our foam is an extruded XPS closed cell foam that is 100% waterproof and also has a very high compression strength. Our fibreglass mesh and polymer modified cement provide additional rigidity and strength. When laid on a floor with your favourite tile or stone, it is commercially rated. For questions about specific applications, please contact us.
Is HYDRO-BLOK easy to work with?

It is very easy to work with and can be installed by virtually anyone. If you are not comfortable with this type of construction, then we recommend hiring a professional installer to build your dream bathroom project for you. Complete step-by-step installation instructions for all the main components are provided in each box.
Can I build custom benches and other in-shower structures with HYDRO-BLOK?

Yes. HYDRO-BLOK is a building material that is lightweight and very easy to handle and cut. With our 1 1/2″ board, you can build just about anything in a shower. Your HYDRO-BLOK dealer or representative can provide additional tips on constructing all types of shower and bath structures.
What kind of warranty does HYDRO-BLOK have?

HYDRO-BLOK comes with a 10-Year Limited Warranty that covers any manufacturing defects on all our foam based products.

How does HYDRO-BLOK joint sealant work and how long does it last?

Our joint sealant is manufactured in the USA from one of the top producers of modified urethanes and comes with a 25-Year manufacturers warranty. After your installation is complete and the joint sealant has skinned over, which usually takes about 30 minutes at room temperature, you can apply thinset for your stone or tile.
After installation of the HYDRO-BLOK components, do you need to apply a final coat of waterproofing like a liquid membrane?

No. Once you have completed an installation and completely followed our installation guidelines, your shower or tub surround is completely waterproof and has vapour barrier built into the board. There is no need for any further waterproofing for a standard installation.
Is HYDRO-BLOK fire rated or resistant?

Yes. HYDRO-BLOK  foam is specially made and will not burn or contribute to flame spread.
Can I use HYDRO-BLOK outside of my shower area, to build a tub surround?

Yes. HYDRO-BLOK is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications including your new construction or newly renovated tub surrounds.
Can HYDRO-BLOK be used outdoors?

Yes, HYDRO-BLOK can be used outside as it is freeze/thaw stable. Please check with your local building codes and inspectors to confirm all rules and requirements.
Does HYDRO-BLOK provide any R-Value?

Yes. Because of our dense closed-cell foam core, HYDRO-BLOK products do provide some additional R-value but it should not be relied on to replace proper insulation products & practices.
Can I use HYDRO-BLOK for a steam shower?

Yes, but after installation to get the required perm rating, you will need to apply a liquid membrane or similar product as your final step before tile or stone application. We do not recommend a specific brand, however there are several professional brands of membranes available that will work well with our products.
How large can I make my shower?

HYDRO-BLOK is available in 13 standard shower pan sizes from 3’ x 3’ all the way to 5’ x 7’. And if that isn’t big enough, we have a complete line of shower extensions to meet any custom size requirements with the proper slopes.