HYDRO-BLOK 1½” Building Board Now Available in 3’x4′

Aug 20 2022

HYDRO-BLOK 1½” Building Board Now Available in 3’x4′

Part # HBWB3648112

HYDRO-BLOK’s 1½” Building Board is now available in 3′ x 4′ sizing to make it easier than ever to add custom features in your new HYDRO-BLOK shower. Custom shower benches are in high demand and they are easier and more cost-effective than ever before with this new building board size. Add a space-saving corner bench in two sizes using only ONE sheet of HYDRO-BLOK 1½” 3′ x 4′ Building Board or use two sheets to build a box-style shower bench.

Medium Corner Bench

Medium corner Bench

Large Corner Bench

Large Corner Bench

Shower Bench with HYDRO-BLOK Board

Using 1-1/2” HYDRO-BLOK Building Board, you can easily install a corner or box-style shower bench in minutes with very little cost.

  • Using the diagrams below and a saw or sharp utility knife, cut the pieces required for your shower bench.
  • For corner benches, cut a 45º degree on each end of the front panel.
  • Dry fit all parts to ensure fit and then use generous, continuous beads of HYDRO-BLOK Joint Sealant to assemble your bench and secure it to your wall board.
  • Ensure the bench top is slightly angled down into the shower to ensure water drains properly.
  • Allow the Joist Sealant to cure for at least one-hour and you are ready to tile!
HYDRO BLOK 1½ Building Board

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