How To Install a Shower Niche – Shower Niche Installation Guide

May 15 2022

HYDRO-BLOK Shower Niche Installation Guide

Before Installing your HYDRO-BLOK Shower System

Perform a final floor and wall measurement check to ensure all walls are square and make any adjustments required BEFORE installing your HYDRO-BLOK shower system

Installation Tools and Materials Required

• #2 Robertson or #2 Philips screwdriver drill bit
• Tape Measure
• Fine Point Marker
• Level
• Utility Knife and Metal Ruler/Straight Edge
• Cleaning supplies (we recommend paper towels, citrus wipes, rags, dust pan and brush)

IMPORTANT:Please read all related installation guides before installing your HYDRO-BLOK Shower System! Contact your local dealer if you have any questions regarding the installation process.

step 1

Step 1: Decide the Size and Placement

Ensure your HYDRO-BLOK wallboard is properly installed and ready for your HYDRO-BLOK niche.

step 2

Step 2: Framing the Shower Niche

Locate and mark the locations of your wall studs so that the niche can be installed in the proper location. All HYDRO-BLOK niches must be installed so that they are supported by a stud on each vertical side.

step 3

Step 3: Placement of the Shower Niche

Place the niche with its face against the wall where it will be installed. Use a level to ensure the niche is properly positioned and then outline/trace the edges of the niche onto the wallboard with a marker.

step 4

Step 4: Using a utility knife to cut

Using a utility knife, cut the horizontal lines first, using those cuts to ensure that the vertical cuts will be located in the middle of a wall stud on each side

step 5

Step 5: Confirm Studs Location

Once the location of the studs has been confirmed, the vertical cuts can be made.

step 6

Step 6: Place the niche

Place the niche in the opening and dry fit to ensure it fits in the opening

step 7

Step 7: Apply joint sealant

Apply a ½” continuous bead of HYDRO-BLOK joint sealant on all 4 inner edges of the wallboard in the opening.

step 8

Step 8: Press fit the niche

Press fit the niche right side up into the opening. Smooth out the excess sealant with a HYDRO-BLOK standard puy knife

step 9

Step 9: Install HYDRO-BLOK washers and screws

Install HYDRO-BLOK washers and screws at the corners and along the vertical seams every 12″ so that the washer covers half of the niche and half of the wallboard. For double wide niches, place washers and screws at the top and boom of the centre stud as well along the horizontal seam.

step 10

Step 10: Apply joint sealant

Apply a final ½” continuous bead of joint sealant on all 4 seams and smooth out with the straight puy knife ensuring that all washers are covered. Ensure there is at least 1″ of joint sealant on either side of the seam.

step 11

Step 11: Apply thinset

After approximately one hour (at room temperature of at least 18° C or 65° F) the HYDRO-BLOK joint sealant will skin over and thinset can safely be applied.

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