15 Walk-in Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Mar 28 2022

Walk-in showers are trending nowadays, especially when you own a small bathroom. It’s necessary to glean inspiration to build an elegant and efficient space.   This is where you will get overwhelmed by the different walk-in custom shower ideas. To make your life easy, we thought of sharing some of the best walk-in shower ideas that you can consider.

1. Get rid of the bathtub

We find out there is a trend to get rid of the bathtub. If you have a smaller bathroom, you can find extra space to have a better walk-in shower. Space is precious in your small bathroom, and you need to learn how to get the most out of it. After removing the bathtub, you can extend the shower area.

2. Build a walled shower partition

There are half-wall installations, which you can quickly get to your bathroom. You can also think about getting a walled shower partition for o your small bathroom. This will assist you in keeping water away from getting into areas where it should not. For example, you would not want to sit on a wet toilet seat. The shower wall panels are available for purchase at HYDRO-BLOK.

3. Stick to white color

If your bathroom is a smaller one, you need to look for a way to make it look bigger. This is where white-colored paint can help you. Apart from enhancing the space, the white color makes your bathroom look brighter. You may think about getting lots of white color to your bathroom, and you will eventually make it look bigger.

4. Get tinted class

Getting tinted glasses for your custom shower is recommended as well. If you don’t have a lot of space for the sink, toilet, and shower, you will need to develop methods to be creative with the walk-in shower. This is where a tinted class can help you.

5. Play along with the shower tiles

Having less space in the bathroom doesn’t mean that you should go ahead with tiles of the same color. You can play along with different colored shower tiles. One such trend that we can see out there is to use black and white-colored tiles. This can make your shower look stylish. On the other hand, you will be able to enhance the vertical space in your walk-in shower with the strategic use of wall tiles.

6. Get a shower bench

What if you can get a spa-like experience in your small bathroom? This is where you can consider investing money to purchase a shower bench for the walk-in shower. There are some outstanding shower bench options available for purchase in HYDRO-BLOK. You may go through those options and pick the most appropriate one for your bathroom. When it comes to shower benches, you will be able to find many different ideas.

7. Be mindful about the placement of the shower

When getting a walk-in shower, you should be mindful about the placement of your shower as well. However, you will not have a lot of options to consider because you have limited space. Therefore, you should come up with a proper plan and stick to it when placing the shower. You need to make sure that you get the most out of square footage in the shower no matter what. In general, we recommend you go ahead with a corner shower. Or else, you can have the shower alongside the toilet and sink.

8. Get glass shower doors

Glass shower doors can contribute a lot towards the clean looks of your walk-in shower. Hence, you may think about getting glass shower doors for your walk-in bathroom. This can be a good decision because you can make the small bathroom feel more spacious. In other words, you can use glass shower doors to have more visual space in the bathroom. You may also think about getting tinted glass shower doors, but you need to make sure that they will not limit the look and feel of the bathroom.

9. Don’t forget shower pans

It would help if you did not forget the shower pans as you plan for a customized shower. It is a good idea to get rectangular-shaped shower pans to the bathroom. The shower pans you get will even assist you with creating a luxurious environment within the shower pans. The best thing about using shower pans is that they are highly customizable. Hence, you will be able to focus on specific details and get them installed properly. This can provide a helping hand to you with maintenance and cleaning as well. You may look at the shower pans at HYDRO-BLOK and pick one of them.

10. Consider non-glass partitioning

Instead of sticking to glass partitioning, you may also use non-glass partitioning. This can be a great option available for anyone looking forward to having some extra privacy within the bathroom. On the other hand, you will be able to decorate the bathroom with such partitioning. For example, you can beautify the look and feel of your bathroom with the assistance of plants.

11. Focus on hardware for the bathroom

As you get a walk-in shower, you should also be mindful of the hardware you will use on it. For example, you will be able to get an elegant-looking showerhead. It should be complemented by other coordinating hardware as well. There is a possibility to get a brass collection as well.

12. Blend it with outdoors

If there is not too much space in the bathroom, you may think about blending it with bathrooms. For example, you can get a large picture window for the bathroom. This will provide better views of nature to you. It would help if you had the walk-in shower positioned next to the window exposed to the outdoors. You will also be able to get natural light to come into the bathroom to brighten it up.

13. Get appropriate furniture to scale

It is pretty easy to feel overwhelmed by the small spaces available in the small bathroom. This is where you can think about getting appropriate furniture for your bathroom and getting them fit to scale. If the furniture you have in the small bathroom doesn’t fit to scale, you will not be able to have the walk-in shower as the main attraction of your bathroom. This is why you should always focus on the size of furniture so that they will not steal the spotlight from your walk-in shower.

14. Have in-built storage

Since your bathroom is small, you will not have enough storage space to keep things. This is where we encourage you to have in-built storage in the walk-in shower. Getting furniture to a small bathroom is not a good idea as it can create clutter. Hence, it would help if you always looked for different storage alternatives, which you can also blend along with the walk-in shower. For example, you can get a tiled bench or built-in shelves embedded into the walk-in shower. This provides extra storage space for you.

15. Keep everything simple

Last but not least, we encourage you to keep everything in your small bathroom simple as much as possible. A cluttered design would take away the good looks of a small bathroom. Therefore, you need to keep everything simple and enhance your good looks. Along with the simple design, you should also care for both styles and functions.

Final words

Now you are aware of the different walk-in shower ideas available to consider. By paying attention to these ideas, you will be able to create the best custom shower in your bathroom. You will fall in love with the good looks and the unique experience offered on your way.

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